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Welcome to our list of polls and surveys that you can vote in!  We even have links to many excellent PAID survey sites that all pay cash for taking surveys!  Make money taking polls and surveys, you can even make money reading email.  Below is our list of poll and survey sites you may be interested in checking out!



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Paying Survey Sites - All FREE To Join - Make MONEY Taking Surveys!

Ipsos i-Say (*HOT!*)

i-Say often PAYS CASH incentives *DIRECTLY* to participants for larger survey projects, typically ranging between $5 and $10!  They also offer chances to win large cash draws for EVERY survey completed! Many excellent survey studies available giving you lots of opportunities to earn! Click here and signup today!

NFO Group

NFO pays cash  for EVERY survey completed!  Each survey earns points for participation and ALL points are fully redeemable for CASH!  They also have frequent  $10,000 cash giveaways, and a new winner selected DAILY for $100 cash draw! Click here to signup!

Survey Spot

Survey Spot has already paid out over $300,000 to survey participants! Plenty of paying projects are available. Click here and join today!


Synovate pays varying cash incentives for their survey projects, as well as a chance to win a cool $1,000 just for joining! Lot's of fun, interesting surveys!  Signup today by clicking here!


A great polling site on the Internet that paid out over $200,000 in cash incentives in 2002!  Share your opinions and shape the direction of new products and services!  Click here to take their surveys!

Advisory Panel

Join the Advisory Panel and win multiple cash draws starting at $750 and up! Frequent projects are available for participation and many surveys only take a few minutes to complete. Click here to join!

Luth Research

To date, Luth Research has paid consumers over $7 MILLION in CASH incentives for participating in their surveys! This program also PAYS you to REFER your own friends and family to take their surveys.  Click here to join!


All registered members participate in a monthly drawing to win $250 in cash awards, just for being a member. Incentives typically range in value from $4 to $25, per survey. Click here to join!

One Million Eyes

A great new market research firm on the Net that pays varying cash incentives for their numerous survey projects. Join their panel and start getting paid for your views!  Click here for their surveys!

goZing Movie Surveys

Get paid $4 for EACH survey you take! This one is brand new and offers many cool entertainment surveys on soon-to-be-released movies in the theaters! Get to watch awesome video trailers of those films too!  Click here to signup today!


Signup for free today and receive 500 points.  All points earned with E-Poll are fully redeemable for cash value discounts, gift certificates, CDs and movies, and other gifts.  Click here to join today!


Join now and win great prizes like $30,000 cash, a BMW Z4 convertible, a fabulous vacation for two, and more!  Plus, as a bonus, you can download their award-winning Internet Accelerator and virus protection software ABSOLUTELY FREE! Click here to signup!


Join today and complete surveys, answer trivia, signup for free trials and in return, you earn points toward gift certificates at places such as Target, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and tons more!  Join today for free by clicking here!


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